Dusty Boots

Today we welcome the Team from Penrith Anglican College who are
here for their “Dusty Boots” week of service to our community. The team
of year 11 students and staff will be taking part in the 9am service and
also running a “Trivia Quiz” at “The Gathering” at 5pm. They are blessing
us with food as well! Come along and enjoy this special time!

Cleaning Bee

When: Saturday 1st April 9:00am.

This is to prepare for the Renewal of Vows/Diocesan Blessing of Oil Service, which will be followed by lunch in the hall (Tuesday 4 April) and of course to be ready for our Easter Services on Good Friday 6 April and Easter
Sunday 8 April.

Save The Date

Our Bishop, Mark Calder, will be joining us on Pentecost Sunday, 5th June. Put the date in your diary to make sure you are able to join with us in person or online for this special service. We are very pleased that Bishop Mark will be joining us!

Family Fun Day

Plans are coming together for stalls at The Family Fun Day to be held on 23 October this year (Covid restrictions permitting). At this stage we are looking at having a BBQ stall, Morning Tea stall, Plant Stall. Craft Stall and Cake Stall. As was the case when we ran The Family Fun Day in 2019, the idea is to have families coming in and being able to enjoy things at little or no cost. Hopefully what is made on the stalls will cover the costs as they did last time. Jan Payne and Allison Olsen are looking after the Plant Stall and would love help with potting things to sell or donations of plant pots. Lots more information to come.

Church Gets Voice Back

With the relaxing of covid singing is once again allowed in the church. It has been many months since the church has been filled with the singing of hymns thanks to the easing of restrictions. Covid restrictions are still in force and necessary to prevent the spread of covid. If you have any questions, please contact Karen on 0417 430 256.