Mission Week

On Wednesday, the team from SHCS will be helping the people who requested assistance with lots of jobs, which will certainly be a great blessing to many. We thank God for this team of young people and staff who have come to Wellington for a week to serve our community.

Vacant Parishes

In the coming weeks, Bishop Mark will commission new ministers in Oberon, Grenfell, Cowra, West Wyalong and Cobar! We are so thankful to God for his provision. And yet, we still have 12 parishes without clergy! Rural ministry has surprising blessings! Maybe it is time to explore a new context, even though it may involve sacrifice and new challenges.

Mothers Day Stall

Thanks to Lynne Beggs , Carol Cashell and Josie Adams for running a Mothers Day stall at the Christian School on Friday. It was lovely that the students had plenty to choose from. Iā€™m sure there are many mums who had a delightful surprise as they opened the special gifts this morning.

Covid Returns

It is now mandatory to wear a mask and obey spacing rules if attending church. Although the church will not be closed, we do recommend you watch the service online if possible.